Registration & Payment

Registration for the Deltares @ AGU is free of charge and without obligation.

We have created a MyDSD environment which provides event registration functionality and a personalized schedule with all events you have registered for. After registration for the Deltares @ AGU, you need to register for the courses, workshops and symposia you wish to attend. Confirmation of registration will be send via e-mail after each successful registration.

For more info about Register ‘as a new visitor’, Sign in, Reset password, My schedule, and Payment, see below.

Register ‘as a new visitor’

New visitors are kindly requested to create a MyDSD account: here. Note that this is a unique website After registration you will receive a login password for your account by email.

Registernewuser-Deltares-AGU 2016

Sign in

Sign in to your MyDSD account, using the password provided via e-mail, or reset your password. If you receive the message “Error: User with e-mail address already exists.”, please reset your password.

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Reset password

The reset password option can be found at the bottom of the pop-up after clicking “sign in“. You will receive an e-mail immediately, with a link to reset your password.

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My schedule

A successful sign in to your account, is indicated via options My schedule, and Sign out.

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The option My schedule will redirect you to a page, listing all the events you have registered for.

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After your course registration, Deltares USA, Inc. will send you an e-mail including payment details.