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Deltares USA, Inc.

Edwin EliasDr. Edwin Elias
Specialist, Coastal Engineering, Deltares USA, Inc.
Dr. Edwin Elias has 17 years of experience in the field of morphodynamic analysis and modeling of barrier-coast systems. Edwin Elias graduated from Delft University of Technology in 1999 and completed a PhD. study on the morphodynamic behavior of tidal inlet systems. In 2003 he received the Coastal Engineering Award for part of this study. In 2005 he joined Deltares as a coastal engineer and accepted a position as Visiting Scientist with the US Geological Survey in California. At USGS he provided assistance and support in a range of coastal hydrodynamic and morphodynamic modelling projects. After returning to the Netherlands in 2011 he has been leading the Coastal Inlets and Estuaries part of the KPP- Knowledge Primary Processes program. Since October 2015, he is back in the US again working at Deltares USA, Inc.


Deltares NL

10666_Marc BierkensProf. Dr. Marc Bierkens
Expert in stochastic hydrology and geohydrology, Deltares NL, University of Utrecht

Research experience in stochastic hydrology, geostatistics, statistical methods and monitoring, land surface hydrology, geohydrology, soil physics, ecohydrology, water management, global scale hydrology and water resources, hydrology and climate. Experience in consulting water managers, soil scientists, hydrologists and geographers on issues of hydrology, geostatistics, uncertainty analysis, upscaling and downscaling Experience in acquisition and management of research projects and consultancy projects Experience in management of research teams and departments.

Prof. Bierkens was awarded the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fellowship for his contributions to high-resolution global hydrology and water resources modelling, in particular focusing on human impacts, global water scarcity assessments and the depletion of groundwater resources. Bierkens is also the only Dutch expert among the newly elected Fellows.


19357_Albrecht WeertsProf. Dr. Albrecht Weerts
Expert in hydrology & forecasting, Deltares NL, Wageningen University

Prof. Dr Albrecht Weerts is an expert on data model integration and hydrological forecasting at Deltares, working within the Operational Water Management group. Albrecht investigates the predictability of the hydrological system, which is driven by weather and climate. The aim of the research is to improve predictions of hydrological processes at different spatial and temporal scales. Improved prediction can help water managers, crisis managers and policy makers to make informed decisions about reducing risks and impacts of future floods and droughts. Albrecht has been leading research and development projects on data assimilation techniques for improving flood forecasting system (quantification and reduction of uncertainties). He has provided advice on the development of flood and drought forecasting systems. Albrecht was involved as expert advisor on hydrological predictability and forecasting systems in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England & Wales, Brazil, Myanmar, United States, Poland, Republic of Korea, and Republic of China (Taiwan). He (co-) authored over 40 peer reviewed journal papers and as of February 2016 he has been appointed endowed professor Hydrological Predictability at Wageningen University, The Netherlands.


Fedor BaartDr. Fedor Baart
Expert on integrated modelling, Deltares NL

Dr.  Fedor Baart is an expert in the field integrated modelling. His goal is to make computer models data driven, interactive, visual attractive and exploratory. In his work he combines his unique academic background in technological and behavioural sciences, with his outstanding knowledge in information sciences and database technology. In his role as software architect and developer at Deltares, he plays a key role at Deltares in the development of information systems and user interfaces based on the latest technology. A recent project of Fedor is the particle modelling for the Alcatraz escape.


Joachim RozemeijerDr. Joachim Rozemeijer
Hydrology and water quality expert, Deltares NL

Dr. Joachim Rozemeijer is active for Deltares since 2002 as a researcher/advisor hydrology and water quality. From 2002-2006 he worked on various projects dealing with monitoring, water- and solute transport and groundwater-surface water interactions. He coordinated the STROMON-project (part of EU project AQUATERRA) that aimed to assess the regional-scale contribution of groundwater to surface water quality. He also contributed to the Interreg-program Water Conservation 2nd generation by assessing the effects of small-scale adjustable weirs on field-scale hydrology and water quality. From 2006-2010, Joachim worked on his PhD-project DYNAQUAL. The goal was to measure and understand dynamics in water quality and to assess the consequences for monitoring, modelling, and water management. From 2010-2013 Joachim coordinated several projects on water quality monitoring, agricultural drainage, and effect quantification of mitigation options.


Bert Jagers

Dr. Bert Jagers
Senior researcher software development, Deltares NL

Dr. Bert Jagers is a senior researcher at Deltares. He has wide expertise in 1D, 2D, and 3D modelling and a leading role in the development of the Delft3D suite. His specialties include sediment transport and morphology, model coupling and data standardization. Bert is member of the steering committee of the NSF funded Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS) and member of the executive committee of the OpenMI Association for international standardization of model coupling interfaces.


13232_Dimmie HendriksDr. Dimmie Hendriks
Expert geohydrology and ecohydrology, Deltares NL

Education: MSc hydrogeology, PhD Hydrology/Geo-environmental Sciences Professional interests: drought issues, operational water management, risk assessments deep-shallow, sustainable water system analysis, Delft-FEWS, hydrogeological questions related to climate change, greenhouse gases and water management, greenhouse gas observations and instrumentation, peat areas.


18841_Willem van VerseveldDr. Willem van Verseveld
Expert in hydrology and flood forecasting, Deltares NL

Willem van Verseveld has extensive experience in hydrology, hydrological modelling and flood forecasting. He has been involved in projects and research related to hydrological modelling, flood forecasting, remote sensing, hydrological climate change impact assessments and flood risk. In 2007, he obtained his PhD at Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA. The research was aimed at understanding runoff generation (and water quality) through combined field experiments and modelling. He has been involved in the implementation and development of the Delft-FEWS system for (inter)national clients for operational (e.g. National Weather Service, USA), research and policy purposes (e.g. Deltamodel). In addition, he contributed to hydrological modelling projects focused on the Rhine and Meuse basin and Lake Naivasha in Kenya. He led hydrological and reservoir modelling studies of large river basins in Turkey for flood management plans. Currently, he is participating in the G4INDO project that provides technical assistance in assessing crop yield anomalies, based on a Delft-FEWS system that combines information from processed satellite signals (radar and optical earth observations) with information from weather monitoring, seasonal forecasting, crop and hydrological models. Finally, he is involved as project leader in the Overall Assessment and Optimisation study and design of the Country hydro-meteorological network for Zambia. His work has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.


Gennadii DonchytsGennadii Donchyts, MSc
Expert in software engineering and integrated environmental modeling, Deltares NL

Gennadii Donchyts is a senior consultant at Deltares. He has over 15 years of multidisciplinary experience in the development of environmental modeling software. He was involved in many international projects focusing on the design of software and numerical model for flood forecasting, water quality and water resource management. He was involved in the development of hydrological dispersion module of RODOS – real-time online decision support system for nuclear emergencies, the main product of a several large European Union projects. He developed a set of software tools used for the simulation of a radioactive pollution transport in aquatic pathways, including development of the one-dimensional CFD simulation code for water flow, sediments and radioactive pollution transport in river networks.

Since 2006, he has been working for Deltares. His main area of expertise is design and development of the software tools and algorithms for the setup and use of environmental models, including coupled models. He is the original author and the lead architect of Delta Shell – a new integrated modeling system of Deltares. His current interests involve development of the model coupling frameworks, open-source geospatial libraries for .NET, scientific visualization and interactive modeling components and the design of graphical user interfaces.

Gennadii is a member of the technical committee of the OpenMI Association and OGC Technical Representative at Deltares.


Arjen LuijendijkArjen Luijendijk, Msc
Expert morphological impacts of coastal developments, Deltares NL

Arjen Luijendijk is an expert in the field of modelling morphological impacts of coastal developments. At Deltares Mr. Luijendijk gained experience in working with advanced numerical modelling techniques in the field of tides, sediment transport, density driven flows, waves, wave-current interaction and coastal morphology. His present role is as senior researcher and advisor in specialized consultancy projects regarding coastal developments.

At the department of Harbour, Coastal and Offshore engineering Mr. Luijendijk is coordinator of the Coastal Engineering market team and related research topics. Such coastal engineering R&D projects include studies on the numerical modeling on aggregated time and spatial scales, but also tool development such as coastal design tools combined with methods to quantify uncertainty in model predictions. In addition, Mr. Luijendijk gained experience in a series of climate change studies and publications, e.g. Mississippi Coastal Restoration project and several studies on the stability of small tidal inlets.

From the start of Building with Nature in 2008 Mr. Luijendijk has been involved in the innovation programme, where he was responsible for developing an eco-morphological model for mega-nourishments and developing integrated tools for long-term coastal developments.

Mr. Luijendijk is an ambassador of the Next Generation Hydro Software project and has been responsible for the initiation and steering of the Delft3D Open Source Community.

In 2013, Mr. Luijendijk started his research at Delft University of Technology on the physical feasibility of mega-nourishments worldwide. His research focusses on developing a seamless modeling approach for morphodynamic modeling.


18773_Jarno VerkaikJarno  Verkaik, MSc
Senior Researcher/Advisor, Developer Groundwater Software, Deltares NL

Jarno has a broad experience in the fields of Groundwater Flow Modeling and Scientific Software Development. He has worked on various numerical codes, for example, on processing radar data, simulation of glass melting, ultrasound wave propagation and crash-test simulation for the automotive industry. About a decade ago he started at TNO as a groundwater modeler for the Netherlands Hydrological Model and as a modeler for fresh-salt groundwater interaction on a regional scale. His work shifted from modeling to code development and as a core member of the Netherlands Hydrological Model he is now responsible for the software development of the Netherlands Hydrological Instrument. Jarno is the initiator of several innovative, MODFLOW related, products like iMOD-MT3D, iMOD-SEAWAT, HydroConnect and parallel MODFLOW-USG, that is currently being developed in cooperation with the USGS, Utrecht University and Delft University of Technology. Within these developments he has mostly the role of both developer and code architect, but for several of these developments he is also project leader and supervisor of graduate students.


12789_Bas van der GriftBas van der Grift, MSc
Expert in ground water and water quality, Deltares NL

Bas van der Grift has a MSc. in Geochemistry and has 14 years of experience in a board spectra of groundwater and surface water quality projects. In 1997 he completed his education at the Utrecht University faculty of Geoscience. In 1998 Mr van der Grift started to work as a hydrogeochemist at TNO, one of the institutes that formed Deltares in 2008. He is a specialist on groundwater quality and hydrogeochemistry. He has a broad knowledge of and experience with diffuse agricultural emissions and there impact on groundwater quality and surface water quality. He is an expert on groundwater quality modeling. He has a large experience on design, optimization and data analysis of regional soil, groundwater and surface water quality monitoring networks. He has experience in international projects in Central and Eastern Europe. He was task force leader monitoring of the project ‘Institutional support to the Slovak Pesticides programme’.


1003516_Sheila BallSheila Ball, MSc
Expert in water resources, Deltares NL

Sheila Ball ​is a Water ​Resources ​Specialist with ​experience in ​hydrological ​and hydraulic ​modelling, ​water resources ​management, GIS-​ICT, environmental ​consulting, ​contaminated ​site remediation ​and environmental ​impact ​assessments. ​Sheila has gained ​extensive ​international ​experience, ​working on 3 ​continents, ​including ​volunteering in ​4 countries in ​Latin America. ​She joined Deltares in 2015 as a consultant/researcher in groundwater quality and quantity. Ms. Ball is fluent in English and French, has full professional proficiency in Spanish, and elementary proficiency in German, Dutch, and Catalan. Ms. Ball completed her MSc in Hydro-​Informatics and ​Water ​Management in 2014, a ​Joint ​Master’s ​degree between ​universities in ​Nice (France), ​Cottbus (​Germany), ​Newcastle (UK), Barcelona (​Spain), and Budapest (​Hungary). She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo (Canada).


Roeli SuikerDrs. Roeli Suiker
Corporate communications / press officer, Deltares NL

Drs. Roeli Suiker has been working for Deltares for over 15 years and studied Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She works for the Communications Department as an advisor. She has been involved as a communications advisor for several projects, such as the IJkdijk, Flood Control 2015, Dikes on peat, and the EU Programme Flood Probe. If you have any questions about Deltares you can ask Roeli.

Her role at the AGU conference:

Host in the Deltares booth (exhibition hall, booth number 1413).