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Deltares USA, Inc.

Edwin Elias

Dr. Edwin Elias
Specialist, Coastal Engineering, Deltares USA, Inc.
Dr. Edwin Elias has 15 years of experience in the field of morphodynamic analysis and modeling of barrier-coast systems. Edwin Elias graduated from Delft University of Technology in 1999 and completed a PhD. study on the morphodynamic behavior of tidal inlet systems. In 2003 he received the Coastal Engineering Award for part of this study. In 2005 he joined Deltares as a coastal engineer and accepted a position as Visiting Scientist with the US Geological Survey in California. At USGS he provided assistance and support in a range of coastal hydrodynamic and morphodynamic modelling projects. After returning to the Netherlands in 2011 he has been leading the Coastal Inlets and Estuaries part of the KPP- Knowledge Primary Processes program. Since October 2015, he is back in the US again working at Deltares USA, Inc.

Deltares NL

Hessel WinsemiusDr. Hessel Winsemius
Senior researcher/advisor hydrology and member of Young Scientific Council, Deltares NL

Dr. Hessel Winsemius is an expert in the field of hydrology, with particular applications in global and regional flood risk modelling and analysis. He frequently publishes about these subjects in international peer reviewed journals. He is a member of the Young Scientific Council of Deltares. Some of his recent projects: Aqueduct Flood Risk Analyzer for the World Resources Institute; Hazard modeling and mapping in Curaçao.

Fedor BaartDr. Fedor Baart
Expert on integrated modelling, Deltares NL

Dr.  Fedor Baart is an expert in the field integrated modelling. His goal is to make computer models data driven, interactive, visual attractive and exploratory. In his work he combines his unique academic background in technological and behavioural sciences, with his outstanding knowledge in information sciences and database technology. In his role as software architect and developer at Deltares, he plays a key role at Deltares in the development of information systems and user interfaces based on the latest technology. A recent project of Fedor is the particle modelling for the Alcatraz escape.

Joachim RozemeijerDr. Joachim Rozemeijer
Hydrology and water quality expert, Deltares NL

Dr. Joachim Rozemeijer is active for Deltares since 2002 as a researcher/advisor hydrology and water quality. From 2002-2006 he worked on various projects dealing with monitoring, water- and solute transport and groundwater-surface water interactions. He coordinated the STROMON-project (part of EU project AQUATERRA) that aimed to assess the regional-scale contribution of groundwater to surface water quality. He also contributed to the Interreg-program Water Conservation 2nd generation by assessing the effects of small-scale adjustable weirs on field-scale hydrology and water quality. From 2006-2010, Joachim worked on his PhD-project DYNAQUAL. The goal was to measure and understand dynamics in water quality and to assess the consequences for monitoring, modelling, and water management. From 2010-2013 Joachim coordinated several projects on water quality monitoring, agricultural drainage, and effect quantification of mitigation options.

Bert Jagers

Dr. Bert Jagers
Senior researcher software development, Deltares NL

Dr. Bert Jagers is a senior researcher at Deltares. He has wide expertise in 1D, 2D, and 3D modelling and a leading role in the development of the Delft3D suite. His specialties include sediment transport and morphology, model coupling and data standardization. Bert is member of the steering committee of the NSF funded Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS) and member of the executive committee of the OpenMI Association for international standardization of model coupling interfaces.


Gennadii DonchytsGennadii Donchyts, MSc
Expert in software engineering and integrated environmental modeling, Deltares NL

Gennadii Donchyts is a senior consultant at Deltares. He has over 15 years of multidisciplinary experience in the development of environmental modeling software. He was involved in many international projects focusing on the design of software and numerical model for flood forecasting, water quality and water resource management. He was involved in the development of hydrological dispersion module of RODOS – real-time online decision support system for nuclear emergencies, the main product of a several large European Union projects. He developed a set of software tools used for the simulation of a radioactive pollution transport in aquatic pathways, including development of the one-dimensional CFD simulation code for water flow, sediments and radioactive pollution transport in river networks.

Since 2006, he has been working for Deltares. His main area of expertise is design and development of the software tools and algorithms for the setup and use of environmental models, including coupled models. He is the original author and the lead architect of Delta Shell – a new integrated modeling system of Deltares. His current interests involve development of the model coupling frameworks, open-source geospatial libraries for .NET, scientific visualization and interactive modeling components and the design of graphical user interfaces.

Gennadii is a member of the technical committee of the OpenMI Association and OGC Technical Representative at Deltares.

Roeli_DELTAGOOTDrs. Roeli Suiker
Corporate communications / press officer
Deltares NL

Drs. Roeli Suiker has been working for Deltares for over 15 years and studied Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She works for the Communications Department as an advisor. She has been involved as a communications advisor for several projects, such as the IJkdijk, Flood Control 2015, Dikes on peat, and the EU Programme Flood Probe. If you have any questions about Deltares you can ask Roeli.

Her role at the AGU conference:

Host in the Deltares booth (exhibition hall, booth number 613).

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